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South Coast Behavioral Health of Southern California

Addiction has evolved over time and the standard for treatment has evolved as well. It is important to have a full spectrum of treatment options both prior to entering treatment and for aftercare so that your recovery has a higher chance of enduring success. South Coast Behavioral Health is a full spectrum treatment community comprised of clinically supervised Residential Sub Acute Detox Services, therapeutic and PHD level Residential Treatment Centers, professionally led Intensive Outpatient Treatment Services, and psychiatrist driven Partial Hospitalization Programs.

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Executive Message

We understand that the individuals we serve and their family may have some apprehensions about treatment. South Coast Behavioral health is dedicated to providing excellent and compassionate care to those who allow us to join them on their journey. South Coast Behavioral Health hopes to decrease and even eliminate the stigma attached to the treatment of mental wellness and substance use.

As those we serve, as well as their friends and family, experience the results of South Coast Behavioral Health treatment program, we are confident at any level of service that a positive and hopeful attitude will be the result.

The team at South Coast Behavioral Health is experienced and compassionate. All of the members of the team are leaders in their respective field, with expert credentials and experience in the treatment of emotional and biological conditions leading to issues with mental wellness and substance use.

Our mission is to provide care based on strong values of honesty, compassion, and evidence based treatment methods, in an atmosphere conducive to self awareness, autonomy, and hope for lasting and complete recovery.

Our team will be there with you each step of the way, to answer your questions and help guide you in your recovery. This handbook is our way of starting the conversation. Please feel free to reach out to one of us or to share your comments and requests through one of our suggestion boxes. We are here to listen!


South Coast Behavioral Health

We Care

South Coast Behavioral Health facilities are designed for people suffering from substance abuse and mental health disorders who seek in-depth therapy as an alternative to a hospital environment.

In working with thousands of addicts and alcoholics we’ve learned that many of them can benefit greatly from a non-restrictive outpatient environment. With a higher level of freedom the people in our care are able to maintain both work and school schedules, stay connected to loved ones, and are able to practice learned behavioral skills in the comfort of their own homes with full support from South Coast Behavioral Health’s professional staff. We offer a multitude of treatment options to give you the structure you need for your life.


While we recognize that many individuals struggle with psychological problems, our treatment focus is not only on the symptoms of your disorder but also the underlying issues that may have impacted and exacerbated your current mental health and substance abuse dependency.

We specialize in the in-patient and outpatient treatment of addicts, alcoholics, and persons dealing with mental health issues. Our programs are designed to empower individuals to become self-aware and to provide them with a strong sense of emotional control as well as a feeling of overall wellness.

Road Maps

Our time-tested and experience based mental health and substance abuse programs are designed to provide highly effective therapeutic support for restoring your overall wellness. Treatment at South Coast Behavioral Health is individualized for your needs and effective.

We offer integrated treatment programs that prepare each client to move forward to a new and productive phase of their life. Our commitment is to assist our clients in developing carefully constructed “road maps” for healthier and more productive lives. Our clients leave our programs with a solid sense of their next goals and the resources to achieve them.

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South Coast Behavioral Health provides quality services without regard to race, ethnicity, sex, religion, political beliefs, physical or mental disability, and sexual preference. Our dedicated professionals and support staff is responsive to the people and to the communities we serve.

SCBH practices in both mental wellness and substance use are based on compassion, integrity, and honesty. It is grounded in the most recent scientific developments in our respective professional fields of endeavor. We follow evidence-based technique and pharmacological practice, according to the guidelines offered by the American Psychiatric Association and the American Society of Addiction Medicine.

SCBH presents an array of secular recovery support media models and fellowships. We offer a menu of holistic practice opportunities, such as yoga and meditation, to enrich our comprehensive approach.

SCBH also recognizes that the recovery from substance use and mental wellness have certain aspects in common, both are prone to relapse, especially early in the recovery process. Both areas of recovery must rely on a stable environment and a family and community support system. SCBH encourages families and significant others to participate in the programs either individually or through SCBH family program.​​​​

SCBH reaches out to our community through its agencies and representatives in order to facilitate the integration and the re-entry of the persons we serve back into the community.

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