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South Coast Behavioral Health of Southern California

Addiction treatment has evolved over time. South Coast Behavioral Health offers the latest, research-backed treatment approaches so our clients get the exceptional care they need to recover from substance abuse and maintain long-term sobriety. We are a nationally accredited, full-spectrum treatment community that includes:

  • Clinically supervised residential sub-acute detox services
  • Inpatient treatment
  • Partial hospitalization
  • Intensive outpatient programs
  • Outpatient treatment 

South Coast’s highly credentialed staff  blend traditional and holistic therapies to create individualized treatment plans that consider each client’s clinical needs, physical and mental health, preferences, and life experiences. We offer gender-separate treatment in home-like settings with a small number of clients at a time. This can create a powerful treatment experience in a close-knit recovery community where clients feel accountable, seen,  and supported.

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Executive Message

The decision to enter treatment can feel both relieving and overwhelming for you and for your loved ones. On one hand, you are finally taking that step toward freedom from substances and learning to manage the disease of addiction. On the other hand, you are taking the leap to address the underlying issues that have contributed to or resulted from your addiction. These often include mental health conditions, relationship problems, health concerns, and many other challenges. You are not alone in this experience.

Beginning with your first call to South Coast Behavioral Health to the day you walk out our doors, we’ll guide you step-by-step through your treatment journey. Should your loved ones have questions, they are invited to be a part of the journey right from the beginning if that is what you, as the client, want.

You and your loved ones can rest easy knowing that from inpatient through outpatient treatment, your recovery journey is staffed with licensed, credentialed, experienced professionals who provide compassionate care. All the members of South Coast Behavioral Health’s team are leaders in their respective fields, with expert credentials and experience in the treatment of emotional and biological conditions leading to issues with mental wellness and substance use.

Our mission is to provide care based on strong values of honesty, compassion, and evidence-based treatment methods, all within an atmosphere conducive to self-awareness, autonomy, and hope for lasting and complete recovery. Our team will be with you each step of the way, to answer your questions and help guide you in your recovery. If you or a loved one is struggling with substance use, please reach out.


South Coast Behavioral Health

We Care

South Coast Behavioral Health treats people struggling with substance abuse and mental health disorders who seek in-depth therapy as an alternative to a hospital environment. We offer several treatment options to give you the structure you need wherever you are on your recovery journey. Our continuum of care includes residential treatment followed by gradual transitions into less restrictive outpatient environments. With a higher level of freedom, clients are able to maintain both work and school schedules, stay connected to loved ones, and practice learned behavioral skills in the comfort of their own homes with full support from South Coast Behavioral Health’s professional staff. 


We recognize that many people with addictions have psychological problems. Our treatment focus is not only on the symptoms of your disorder but also on the underlying issues that may have impacted and exacerbated your current mental health and substance use dependency. We treat underlying trauma and co-occurring disorders. Our programs are designed to empower you to become self-aware and gain a strong sense of what you need for overall wellness.

Road Maps

Our time-tested and experience-based mental health and substance abuse programs are designed to provide highly effective therapeutic support for restoring your overall wellness. Treatment at South Coast Behavioral Health is effective and individualized for your needs. We offer integrated treatment that prepares you to move forward to a new and productive phase of life. We are committed to helping you develop carefully constructed “road maps” that support health and productivity. You’ll leave our programs with a solid sense of your goals and the resources to help you achieve them.

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South Coast Behavioral Health provides a safe, accepting environment where people from all backgrounds and walks of life are welcome. Our practices in substance use and mental health treatment are based on compassion, integrity, and honesty. Grounded in the most recent scientific developments, we follow evidence-based techniques and pharmacological practices according to the guidelines offered by the American Psychiatric Association and the American Society of Addiction Medicine.

South Coast presents an array of recovery support models and fellowships. We offer a selection of traditional therapies as well as holistic practices, such as yoga and meditation, to enrich our comprehensive approach. We also recognize that recovery from substance use and mental health disorders have certain aspects in common. Both are prone to relapse, especially early in the recovery process. Both areas of recovery must rely on a stable environment and a family and community support system. We encourage families and significant others to participate in the programs either individually or through our family therapy.


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