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SCBH offers the services of certified, registered, and licensed professionals with years of experience in their respective areas of expertise

Research has shown that there is a strong association between substance use and trauma. Research has also shown that treating substance use while ignoring certain underlying psychiatric conditions such as anxiety, depression, a history of trauma, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia or ADHD misses the point and does not provide a lasting recovery, in most cases.

The professionals at SCBH offer an interdisciplinary approach to the treatment of trauma and other psychiatric conditions as well as substance use. SCBH prides itself on providing individualized treatment plans for the persons served. The individualized treatment plan will be based on the strengths, needs, abilities, and preferences of each individual. Each person will be given the Individual Recovery Plan in order to develop their treatment goals and measures of achievement. The treatment plan will be established in collaboration with the treatment team and the client; this will determine the course of treatment and the services provided.

SCBH proves a bridge to a safer place through its multidisciplinary and integrative approach to wellness and sobriety. We are dedicated to helping you develop your recovery skills at every step of your journey to recovery and wellness. We can help you break the cycle of helplessness and achieve success which has eluded you so many times in the past.

Levels of Care offered by South Coast Behavioral Health

SCBH offers the following levels of care:

  • Sub-Acute Detoxification Services
  • Residential Treatment Services
  • Intensive Outpatient/Partial-Hospitalization Programs (PHP)

The protocols for admission involve a review of criteria for seven dimensions (life areas):

  • Acute Intoxication & Withdrawal Potential
  • Biomedical Conditions & Complications
  • Emotional/Behavioral/Cognitive Conditions & Complications
  • Treatment Acceptance and Resistance
  • Relapse Potential
  • Recovery Environment
  • Family
Care Services

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Admissions and Review
Discharged from rehab

Admissions & Reviews

All Admissions are reviewed by our Admissions Team, Chief Clinical Officer, Director of Healthcare, and Medical Director. Reviews are conducted on a regular basis.

Continuation of services is determined based on the protocols and client progress in treatment as verified by:

  • Achievement of goals and objectives from the individualized treatment plan
  • Results of random drug testing
  • Input from the client and clinical team


A clinical supervisor approves all discharges. Discharge criteria are also based upon the protocols and client progress in treatment as verified by:

  • Achievement of goals & objectives from the individualized treatment plan
  • Results of random drug testing
  • Input from the client and clinical team

The following are the services offered at SCBH. Your Case Manager is responsible for the coordination of your services while at SCBH.

Discharge Planning​​​​​​​

Your stay at South Coast Behavioral will on average be between a 30 and 90 day length of stay. Your discharge date will be identified as early as possible which will be determined by individual needs. Discharge planning will begin at the point of admission. With the assistance of your clinical team, your individual needs and the discharge planning process will continue to evolve. Each individual will complete monthly discharge and transition plans to better prepare for the most successful transition possible. If an individual is utilizing insurance for co-payments, the level of care your insurance coverage places you in does not dictate the level of care provided by South Coast Behavioral. Your clinical needs will identify the level of care SCBH Clinical Team will utilize.

SCBH Process

Initial Orientation, Assessments

The assessments provide a comprehensive overview of the problems a client is facing. The assessment includes the history of substance abuse along with severity, attempts to abstain from usage and relapse, educational and occupational history, relationship history, mental health and medical history as well as legal history and other life areas.

The Case Manager and Therapist will assess each individual client to determine if there is a need for any additional services. Once initial assessments are completed, the client will complete an individualized treatment plan with both his/her Case Manager and Therapist. The client will collaborate on goals and objectives with his treatment plan which will outline how treatment will go moving forward and assess factors identifying readiness for discharge.

Toxicology Screening

These are conducted at the point of intake and randomly throughout the duration of services. Specimens are taken following the “chain of custody” procedures and are sent to our laboratory for processing. Results can be obtained within 24-hours and written results are back within one week.

Detoxification Services

SCBH offers a sub-acute residential detoxification observation and residential care facility, ASAM Level III.7 for men and women over the age of 18 who meet the admission criteria for substance abuse and may have a co-occurring disorder. SCBH provides care to individuals whose intoxication/withdrawal signs and symptoms are sufficiently severe to require 24-hour structure and support.

Residential Services

SCBH residential program is a comprehensive residential treatment program, and/or ASAM Level III.5, providing an alternative to residential treatment for men and women over the age of 18 who are chemically dependent and may have a co-occurring disorder. The residential program is a program created for individuals who require a higher level of care and 24-hour structure while identifying motivating factors contributing to substance abuse and chemical dependency issues. The average length of stay for primary, residential treatment will be approximately 30 days.

Outpatient Treatment Services

SCBH offers a day treatment/Intensive Outpatient/Partial Hospitalization Program. Clients will engage in approximately 21 group and individual psychoeducational sessions per week at a minimum of 6 hours per day. If a client goes more than 72 hours without communication/attendance at programming, client will be automatically discharged.

Individual and Family Counseling

Each client will receive a minimum of one (1) therapy session per week with their assigned Therapist. An additional session per week may be added if the Therapist’s schedule permits and at an additional cost. Clients are encouraged to involve their family in the therapeutic services.

We also offer a free Family Support Night, every Monday from 7:30-9:00 PM for your family and friends. This is service we’ve created just for families, friends and people in our community who have loved ones struggling with addiction. See your Case Manager or Therapist for more details.

Case Management

Case Management is provided to assist clients with obtaining necessary services to meet basic needs or to support the recovery process. The Case Manager will provide support while beginning to work the 12-step program and during the acclimation period in sobriety. The Case Manager will work closely with the Therapist and collaborate on individualizing treatment plans to meet the client’s individual needs. While emphasis is placed on serving the chemically dependent and/or dually diagnosed individual, services can also be provided to clients who are experiencing difficulty with housing, medical care or other basic services where referrals may be provided.