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Why Residential Addiction Treatment Helps

Addiction is a disease that changes your brain. Alcohol and drugs become the most important thing in your life, and they’re calling the shots.  Though it may not feel like it right now, recovery is entirely possible. You can take back your life and recover from substance abuse, but sometimes it requires carving out time to attend a residential treatment program. Inpatient addiction treatment provides space away from triggers, so you can focus on yourself and the intensive therapeutic work needed to get better and maintain long-term recovery in the “real world.” South Coast Behavioral Health’s residential treatment program provides a transformative experience using evidence-based approaches, care by addiction experts, and peer support in a home-like environment.

We offer residential treatment at three beautiful houses in Orange County. You’ll share a house with five other clients of the same sex and our treatment staff will come to the residence to provide group and individual therapy. We use a blend of traditional therapies as well as holistic approaches like breathwork, yoga, and EMDR. You’ll attend treatment during the day and participate in recovery activities in the evening. Following inpatient treatment, we offer partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient programs in nearby Newport Beach.

Inpatient Treatment Includes:

Individual therapy
Group therapy
Art therapy
Trauma-focused therapies
Experiential therapy
Life-skills training
Motivational interviewing
Medication-assisted treatment (MAT)

Dual diagnosis treatment
Family therapy
Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)
Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT)
Acceptance and commitment therapy
Aftercare planning