Addiction Resources
for Native Americans

Addiction is a difficult issue to cope with. One group disproportionally affected by drugs and alcohol is Native Americans. Resources for members of Native communities provide vital support for those with loved ones who are in recovery. Learn more about South Coast’s Native American treatment options and resources and how they can assist in recovery from substance abuse.

Addiction is a battle that should never be fought alone, which is why resources for Native Americans are essential. Quality care for mental illness and addiction is imperative for true healing to occur. This is especially true for vulnerable populations like Indigenous communities, which carry legacies of trauma and pain. Tragically, addiction and mental health struggles are common among Native Americans due to numerous factors. Family dynamics, living situations, trauma, genetics, and more can all play a role in why an individual struggles.  At South Coast Behavioral Health, we know everyone deserves help and support. We provide resources for Native Americans to provide a path to recovery for individuals and their loved ones.

Addiction Resources for Native Americans

Native Americans and Substance Abuse

Drug and alcohol misuse are problems that can impact people of all ages and backgrounds. The statistics representing Native Americans and drug and alcohol abuse are cause for concern. Indigenous people have the highest rates of substance use disorders (SUD) compared to other ethnic groups. Cocaine, marijuana, hallucinogens, and alcohol are all substances Native Americans can struggle with. To put it in perspective, Indigenous people only represent two percent of the United States. That statistic is worrisome in context. There are many reasons why drug and alcohol usage are so prevalent. Many Native people are born into a cycle of family and community addiction that is difficult to escape. Some experience first-hand living with someone with an addiction.

Substance abuse can do great damage to families and relationships. Not only does addiction take a toll on the body, but it also impairs the mind. Individuals quickly form dependence on drugs and alcohol to the point where their neurochemistry can be altered. At this point, addiction is a painful trap for the person, who may lash out, retreat, or grow depressed. Overall, they stop acting like themselves, which is frustrating and sad for the individual and their loved ones. Living with someone who abuses drugs and alcohol can be scary, as their moods will likely be unstable. Financial difficulty is a common result, as well as broken relationships and trust. Addiction resources for Native Americans are important because they show a way forward to healing.

Native Americans and Mental Health

Mental illness is another issue that is often tied to substance addiction. Unsurprisingly, higher numbers of addiction within a people group also equate to high numbers of people struggling with their mental health. Drugs and alcohol have strong addictive properties because of the way the brain responds to substances. At first, they bring positive feelings like euphoria, relaxation, and peace. However, over time, one has to take more to feel the same effects. Eventually, substances don’t feel good at all but individuals have to keep taking them to hold off withdrawal symptoms.

This kind of impact can have a severe effect on one’s mental health. Oftentimes, people start taking drugs to feel better. People with mental illnesses like depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety, or bipolar disorder are at a higher risk of addiction. Substances only feel good short term. Then the individual grows frustrated that the relief they found is gone. Before long, their mental illness symptoms are worsened because they’re also dependent on drugs. Living with someone in this state is difficult. Comorbid addiction and mental disorders create strain on relationships, finances, physical health, and spiritual well-being. Not only does the struggling person feel trapped, but their loved ones feel powerless to help. This is why there are Native American recovery resources to help individuals and families coping with substance abuse. 

Effective, Culturally Competent Addiction Treatment Substance Abuse Recovery Resources for Native Americans

Substance abuse disproportionately affects Native American communities, stemming from a complex interplay of factors such as intergenerational trauma, systemic oppression, and limitations on access to resources. Tailoring addiction treatment to Native Americans starts by acknowledging the unique cultural, spiritual, and historical contexts that impact their experiences with substance abuse. Culturally competent interventions, incorporating traditional healing practices, ceremonies, and community support networks, foster a sense of identity, belonging, and resilience crucial to recovery.

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Addiction Resources for Native Americans

When you or your loved one is battling a mental illness, substance addiction, or both, the magnitude of the situation can feel overwhelming. You likely don’t know how to proceed or where to look. Because of the stigma surrounding addiction and mental illness, you might not feel like there’s anyone you can talk to. One thing that stands out is there needs to be a change for the better.

We can help you make this positive change happen! Resources exist to provide a roadmap for recovery and to show people they are not alone. Amongst Native Americans, drug addiction is 300% greater than the national average in the U.S. While this is a shocking statistic, it goes to show there are many people out there facing the same issues.

To learn more about resources for Native Americans, follow any of these links:

At South Coast Behavioral Health, we aim to remove the stress and uncertainty from recovery. We’ve compiled a list of addiction resources for Native Americans that approach treatment with the goal of Indigenous rehabilitation. These resources offer culturally relevant healing practices with evidence-based treatment. As such, they inspire a deeper sense of Indigenous identity and connect individuals with their ancestral traditions. We believe there is immense value for Native Americans and non-Native individuals to receive traditional healing in rehab. The results are greater self-awareness, connection to one’s history, and cultural rehabilitation.

Beginning treatment in a facility for addiction like South Coast Behavioral Health is a great option. Knowledgeable staff will walk you through every step of recovery to help you reach holistic wellness. But as you prepare, these resources for Native communities are invaluable tools. They provide guidance, information, helplines, and next steps.

Mental Health Resources for Native Americans

Mental health support is incredibly important for those in Indigenous communities to receive. In truth, Native American people have a long history of generational trauma that is passed down. Even outside of other factors, this reality makes mental health services necessary for healing. Yet, many additional components add to mental pain and suffering. For example, family life, financial situation, poverty, lack of access to care, genetics, and physical health all play a role. Any combination of these elements can lead to feelings of hopelessness. Many Native Americans report feeling overlooked and uncared for.

Mental illness can stem from substance abuse, and addiction can occur because of one’s symptoms of mood or behavioral disorders. As such, mental health resources should be utilized. However, sometimes it can be hard to know where to look. At South Coast Behavioral Health, we emphasize holistic healing because total healing can’t occur if there are unaddressed issues. Our treatment focuses on mental, physical, and spiritual wellness. In accordance, individuals who have mental illness in addition to addiction should receive concurrent support for both.

To learn more about resources for Native Americans, follow any of these links:

Native people deserve quality help and support to guide them through their struggles with mental health. South Coast is here to provide relief and support through treatment. Our culturally sensitive practices and treatments are designed specifically to help Indigenous people on their journey to a brighter future. 

Where Else Can Native Americans Go for Help?

One of the biggest stresses around addiction and mental illness is not knowing how to proceed. Individuals may want to get better but are hesitant to seek help, or simply don’t know where to go. As such, resources for Native Americans are invaluable in the process of starting recovery.

Resources can only take one so far. Eventually, people are going to need to receive addiction treatment from a professional treatment center. Recovery facilities help individuals reach sobriety with detoxification. They have around-the-clock staff monitoring and supporting them. After detox, clients in treatment engage in a mixture of therapy and counseling to unpack their issues.

In doing so, they build a greater sense of self-awareness around why they turn to drugs and alcohol. Further, they prepare for the future and set goals for both their recovery and return to life without addiction. 

Native American Resources
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Native Americans Resources at South Coast

Some treatment centers offer specialized treatment programs for Native people. South Coast Behavioral Health has a dedicated Native American Program for those in need. It targets the needs of this population with holistic and culturally relevant healing practices. Our treatment program focuses on reconnecting with their spiritual selves and finding a path toward personal growth. 

With the help of Native American resources during addiction treatment, clients can experience benefits including:

Native Americans need a recovery facility where they can receive help for their co-occurring issues and experience whole mind-body healing. We would love to answer your questions about addiction recovery for the Native community. Please reach out today and let us help you move forward.

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Our Addiction Treatment Centers in California

Our network of California treatment centers can help Native Americans recover from substance abuse safely and effectively. Our process involves using culturally-sound practices alongside the latest and greatest evidence-based and holistic therapies for a well-rounded approach to recovery. 

Our addiction treatment centers in California:

We provide treatment for drug and alcohol use disorders within our medical detox and residential treatment centers in Irvine, CA.

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Our center provides addiction treatment services for women within our medical detox and residential treatment centers in Huntington Beach, CA.

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We provide addiction treatment for men within our residential inpatient facility in Costa Mesa, CA.

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We provide care for men and women in recovery from substance abuse within our PHP and IOP treatment facility in Newport Beach, CA.

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Our caring staff of recovery professionals is available 24/7 to assist in the recovery process. Call us today at 866-881-1184 for more information about how we can help Native Americans with recovery.

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