South Coast Behavioral Health’s admissions process is designed to make it as easy and stress-free as possible for individuals seeking treatment. Our goal is to provide comprehensive, personalized care for those struggling with mental health issues and addiction.

We're here because we've been there

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Let us help you begin to reclaim your life and embrace hope, possibility, and peace. We’re open 24/7/365 to help you start your new life in recovery.

The Admissions Process

The moment you choose recovery, we can step in to handle the logistics. Let our team coordinate your care, all you need to do is reach out.

Contact us

You can choose call us directly or fill out a contact request form or an insurance verification form. If you fill out a form, we will contact you within 24-48 hours.

Talk to us

We will need to gather some information like your full name, date of birth, location, health insurance, substance abuse, and mental health history.

Get scheduled

Pick a date and time to come into our facility. We suggest coming in sooner than later. Statistically, the longer you wait, the worse an addiction becomes.

Program Options at South Coast

We like to view our treatment programs as the pillars of a successful recovery. With each pillar comes more tools and a greater understanding of yourself, along with confidence in your next step. 

Medical Detox

Pillar One

  • Huntington Beach, CA


  • Irvine, CA


Inpatient Residential

Pillar Two

  • Costa Mesa, CA


  • Huntington Beach, CA


  • Irvine, CA


Partial Hospitalization

Pillar Three

  • Newport Beach, CA

Intensive Outpatient

Pillar Four

  • Newport Beach, CA

We want nothing more than to plan for a seamless transition into treatment, and a successful transition back home once you've completed treatment.

Ready to Start Your Recovery?

What to Expect During Our Admissions Process

A Smooth Transition into Treatment Crafted By Clinicians, Made For You.

Our treatment programming was thoughtfully crafted by clinicians and improves year over year. Our clinicians are active within their therapeutic community and stay well-informed with breakthroughs in the addiction treatment or mental health space, therapeutic research and developments. We also use feedback from our alumni to inform changes to our programs or operations.

Starting the Admissions Process

What Information We Need

If you are helping a friend or family member enroll in one of our programs, we will need to collect information for the individual who is seeking treatment.

As you begin the admissions process, we ask for information including:
If you are using health insurance to pay for rehab, we will need the following information:

You can complete our insurance verification form in order to expedite the admissions process. If you are looking for more information on how to pay for rehab, we have provided an in-depth breakdown of insurance and other methods of payment for substance abuse treatment. All information you share with us is kept strictly confidential as outlined in HIPAA. HIPAA laws apply to your health information before, during, and after your stay in treatment with us.

Once We Have Your Information,
We Will Handle Everything Else.

At South Coast Behavioral Health, it is our job to set you up for success at every stage of the recovery process. This includes planning your stay in treatment. Whether you are a California native or will be traveling to attend treatment from out-of-state, we will handle everything from booking your flight to picking you up at the airport.

Admissions FAQ

If you or someone close to you has been delaying the journey towards addiction recovery, know that we understand. This hesitation often stems from various concerns: the daunting prospect of taking such a significant step, the fear of judgment, or the uncertainty about where to turn for help.

We encourage you to take that first, brave step toward healing by reaching out to South Coast at 866-881-1184. After that, we will help you walk the deeply rewarding path of addiction recovery.

Many of our clients here at South Coast come from another state. We will expertly handle your trip from your state to California and make you feel at home once you arrive. We will take care of everything for your travel, including your flight to and from our facilities.

You will have the support of South Coast staff from the moment you enroll into our programs and after you complete them. We continue providing a strong recovery community through our alumni services. To read more about what we offer to our alumni, click here.

The out-of-pocket cost for our programs varies depending on which programs you attend and if you will be using health insurance or not. Health insurance is not required for our programs, we do have private payment options. We are an in-network provider with Cigna and Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, as well as work with a wide variety of other private insurance providers. You can check your coverage here.

Our amazing team of clinicians have a master’s-level education at a minimum, with a number of our clinicians certified in specialty psychotherapies. Additionally, our program specializes in trauma, so all of our clinicians are well-versed in trauma-sensitive therapies. 

Typically, we can enroll you on the same day you call in. We will be able to schedule your admission for a couple of days or weeks out if you would like also.

The key to finding out how soon you can get enrolled is to call in. As you can imagine, we don’t always have openings and openings for our programs don’t become available on a determined schedule. Because of this, the length of our admissions process may vary. If you give us a call, our admissions coordinators will be able to tell you how many openings we have available and for which programs. 

As a private treatment provider, we have admission coordinators who are part of our staff and have worked with us for many years. South Coast has a small number of admission coordinators, so if you call in more than once, chances are— you will be talking to the same individual you spoke with the first time. 

Our admission coordinator will be your contact throughout the admissions process. They do everything from explaining our programs and answering your questions, to booking your flight and coordinating your transportation to our confidential facilities.

Complete Care with Personalized Treatment

Our medical and clinical team is comprised of focused, dedicated professionals who have studied and gained ample experience in the fields of addiction medicine and the science of addiction. We understand the changes that substance use causes in the brain physically, physiologically, and mentally. Our experience comes together through customized medical, psychiatric, and clinical care to treat every disorder and implication of addiction— returning you to a clarified state that enables you to build your recovery on a solid foundation.

Constantly Evolving

We like being experts in the field of behavioral healthcare, which is why our medical and clinical staff remain to learn throughout their careers. We do everything we can to ensure our team has access to educational materials and makes time to learn cutting-edge treatment modalities. If there is a research-backed treatment approach that can improve your substance use or mental health disorder, we want to know about it and be able to provide it for you.

The Treatment Experience at South Coast

What Our Alumni Have to Say

This place truly saved my life. I'll be forever grateful for the opportunity to get and stay sober here... Everyone was great. This experience definitely paved the way for a real future for me and for my son. Thank you.

J.C. Alumni of SCBH
Let us help you take back your life.
You are the most important individual that we can help. You matter to us in ways that we cannot describe in words. Your life has value, and no matter how broken you think you are, we are here to help put the pieces back together.