Relapse Risk Factors, Stages, and Next Steps

life after relapse

When it comes to recovery, getting sober is hard – but staying sober is the real challenge. Though it would be nice, it’s not realistic to expect everyone in recovery to leave their substance abuse behind them for good on their first attempt. Many will turn back to their old ways multiple times before finally […]

How to Overcome Negative Thoughts in Recovery

negative thoughts

Recovering from a substance use disorder is as much a psychological process as it is physical. Those in recovery often find themselves battling within their own minds with negative thought patterns. Feelings of worthlessness eat away at one’s self-esteem. Often, negative thoughts can fuel crippling anxiety and depression, driving many people back to drugs. People […]

Most Common Non-Drug Addictions

non-drug addictions

Most people who suffer from a process addiction never learn the term until they start seeking help. In fact, when it comes to the word “addiction,” most people tend to think of substance use disorders—that is, addiction to legal or illegal drugs. But there are also non-drug addictions. These are known as non-substance addictions, behavioral […]

How to Overcome Shame and Guilt in Recovery

shame and guilt

Shame and guilt are two self-conscious emotions that are typically seen as negative experiences. That being said, all people experience them. In fact, shame and guilt are incredibly common in addiction and recovery.  It’s important to know about each emotion and how both can impact your sobriety. Understanding the difference between shame and guilt—and how […]

Building Emotional Intelligence In Recovery

emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence (EI) is a key part of recovery because it helps you process emotions and build healthy relationships. In general, emotions play an incredibly large role in the decisions people make. In early recovery, your emotions may feel all over the place.  Many in recovery learn the hard way that you can’t be fully […]

7 Ways to Make Pain Work for You in Recovery

7 Ways to Make Pain Work for You in Recovery

Pain often serves a purpose — physical pain can remind you to take a break between workouts, for example.  Emotional pain also serves a purpose. For instance, it can allow you time to grieve the loss of a loved one and honor their memory. However, for a lot of people, pain can linger for months, […]

How to Take Care of Yourself During the Covid-19 Pandemic

take care of yourself

Taking care of yourself during the pandemic is critical to your physical and mental health—especially for people in recovery. Most of the world is still learning how to handle the pandemic that’s been a part of life since 2020. By now, one thing is clear—you are either your greatest ally or your own worst enemy […]

What is Addiction Relapse and Can Making a Plan Help? 

loving yourself

Recovery can be a hard and lonely road to walk. Sometimes it can be tempting to seek comfort in old habits, even if those habits are bad for you. Those in recovery from substance abuse sometimes do this, “falling off the wagon” and using their old substances again. This is known as an addiction relapse.  […]

Tips for Coping with Holiday Stress and Depression

The holidays are supposed to be a cheerful time. Yet for many, it’s actually exhausting and stressful. Holiday stress and depression are more common than you might think. A survey by the American Psychological Association, for example, found that 38% of people reported their stress levels went up over the holidays.  Stress and depression can […]