Addiction is a difficult issue to cope with, and family resources can provide vital support for those with loved ones who are in recovery. Learn more about South Coast's family resources and how they can assist to recovery from substance abuse.

Addressing addiction can be a very strenuous process, which is why family involvement can play a beneficial role in a loved one’s recovery. Family resources offer guidance and support during the process of healing for the whole family. Not only can these resources help to strengthen bonds, but research has also shown that family involvement in treatment can result in greater improvements over time.

For this reason, family members of our clients gain access to family resources through South Coast Behavioral Health’s addiction treatment programs. In experiencing the benefits of family resources during addiction rehabilitation, we hope that our clients and their loved ones can find solace and support during their journey to long-lasting recovery.

Family Resources

Family Resources For Loved Ones With Substance Use Disorders

There is a wealth of information online about family resources that can help your loved one with the recovery process. While researching treatment options, you will discover a wide range of evidence-based therapies and holistic approaches to traditional addiction treatment that could be beneficial for your loved one’s recovery. 

The thought of facing recovery alone can add stress, anxiety, and uncertainty to someone’s journey. Support groups such as AA, NA, and SMART Recovery can provide extra resources for your loved one when they need them most. These groups are proven effective in helping people stay sober. It’s important to remember that family members add incredible value to the addiction recovery process. Your support and guidance can be a wonderful resource for your loved one.

Person-First Language Family Resources for Healthy Communication

Many family resources cover the importance of person-first language. Knowing how to approach your loved one about the topic of addiction is an incredibly helpful tool when speaking to a loved one about treatment. Person-first language treats people with respect which can make all the difference during conversations about addiction and recovery. 

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Family Resources For Addiction Education and Recovery Advocacy

Understanding the ins and outs of a substance use disorder is vital to healing family relationships and promoting sobriety. There are many organizations that dedicate their time to providing accurate information and family resources regarding addiction and recovery. 

To learn more about the role families can play in substance abuse and sobriety from reputable resources, follow any of these links:

Never forget that your love and encouragement are always the best medicines for recovery. Showing compassion, understanding, and support can make all the difference in helping someone find lasting recovery success. With patience, courage, and loving kindness, you and your loved one can embark on the journey to successful recovery. Even something as simple as attending a meeting with a family member shows someone they aren’t walking alone on their path to sober living. 

Resources For Family Support Groups

Family members coping with their loved one’s addiction often need extra support and guidance on how best to help. Understanding what addiction is and how it works can be confusing. That’s why there are a number of family-focused recovery programs, support groups, and resources to help families find assistance. These family resources provide a safe place for individuals and those who care about them to share their experiences with addiction-related issues. 

To find a local substance abuse support meeting near you, or to learn more about family support groups, follow any of these links:

You can also look into local organizations or programs offering family education and support for those dealing with addiction. These organizations provide help for the entire family, thus providing a stronger support system for your loved one in recovery. If you’re feeling overwhelmed or don’t know how to start helping your loved one, having someone with knowledge and experience to guide you along the way is a huge help.

The Importance of Family Involvement in Recovery

While treatment is the first step toward recovery, most people require more help to successfully navigate early sobriety. Sober support systems and addiction education can go a long way in strengthening recovery. Educating yourself on addiction recovery shows that you care about the success of your loved one’s recovery. Seeking out reputable resources for substance abuse help and information also ensures you know what to do if your loved one relapses, which is a common occurrence among those in recovery.

Family resources like support groups can also provide a space to find comfort, understanding, and much-needed emotional support. They can also help family members improve communication skills, and education on addiction, treatment, recovery, and relapse prevention. As a result, involvement in your loved one’s recovery through therapy, support meetings, and other family resources can help you learn, grow, and heal from the effects of addiction too.

family resources

Whole-Family Healing During Addiction Treatment


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Addiction is a challenging issue to navigate, and misinformation can have damaging effects on recovery journeys. The stigma around substance abuse can be even more harmful when a person is judged by their family.

Thankfully, the benefits of substance abuse treatment are not limited to the person struggling with substance abuse. Treatment can help their family members heal from addiction too!

Family resources provide support, coping skills, and education to reduce the stigma while engaging family members in their loved one’s recovery. These resources also help families understand their limitations and set healthy boundaries. As families reconnect in family therapy, they work together on relapse prevention techniques as a healthy, secure unit.

Remember, life after addiction is possible for you and your loved one.

Family Resources at South Coast

Coping with a loved one’s addiction is profoundly difficult, and family involvement is invaluable for helping achieve a successful recovery. Since every family and every person is unique, our family resources offer individualized support to families during addiction treatment and recovery.

South Coast aims to provide family resources for clients seeking to heal their relationships during their addiction rehab journey. To do so, we provide a judgment-free space where family members can support each other while re-establishing a sense of safety in addiction recovery. As a result, our family resources offer support individuals throughout the recovery process on both physical and emotional levels.

With the help of family resources during addiction treatment, clients can experience benefits including:

In order to fully heal from addiction, it’s essential to discuss the issues resulting from addiction. It is important that family members use person-first language to respect each other’s experiences. For this reason, our family resources use a well-rounded approach that emphasizes the possibility of positive change. Our family resources provide tools for relapse prevention, harm reduction, interpersonal communication, and stress management to help you and your loved one recover from substance abuse.

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Our Addiction Treatment Centers in California

As an addiction treatment provider in California, South Coast provides multiple treatment modalities and support from the moment you call us through the end of treatment. With that being said, we understand that the search for addiction treatment can be overwhelming, whether it is for yourself or a loved one. We encourage you to take the first step in seeking help for addiction by entering treatment at one of our beautiful, California treatment centers.

Our addiction treatment centers in California:

We provide treatment for drug and alcohol use disorders within our medical detox and residential treatment centers in Irvine, CA.

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We provide addiction treatment services for women within our medical detox and residential treatment centers in Huntington Beach, CA.

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We provide addiction treatment for men within our residential inpatient facility in Costa Mesa, CA.

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We provide care for men and women in recovery from substance abuse within our PHP and IOP treatment facility in Newport Beach, CA.

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South Coast Behavioral Health is one such resource providing families with the tools they need to overcome addiction. Our caring staff of recovery professionals is available 24/7 to assist in the recovery process. Call us today at 866-881-1184 for more information about how families can help individuals with recovery. 

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