June 12, 2019
Molly Peterson (name has been changed) is still the same girl she was sixteen months ago. She’s smart, funny, sarcastic, and, as she puts it, “a little crazy.” But after spending most of her young life high on drugs and alcohol, for the first time in fourteen years, she’s sober. It all started when her two-year-old...
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About Us

Located in beautiful Southern California, South Coast Behavioral Health helps individuals achieve sobriety and begin their journey to recovery.

We believe South Coast Behavioral Health provides the best levels of care to ensure a complete and lasting recovery with individualized treatment plans. Our inpatient and outpatient programs provide a peaceful atmosphere because we know that if you feel safe in your environment your internal life has a better chance to heal quickly. We filled our staff with fully licensed clinicians, medical team, psychologists, nurses and other mental health professionals for the sole benefit of your recovery.